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Purrfect Date | Purrfect for all you Cat Lovers.

I'm not kidding when I say I love cats, anything cat related and my heartstrings are definitely pulled, so cat games are no exception. One of my friends recently sent me the trailer to the new game called Purrfect Date and I fell in love with how cheesy it looked, given I haven't downloaded it yet but it's available on Steam and iOS. Purrfect Date is a mix of a visual novel, dating sim and dark comedy, yes there are talking cat's and if that isn't weird enough some are slightly creeping in their underwear. In the game you play as a human who is taken to a cat island, you will have to date a number of kitties in order to uncover a dark secret, sounds pretty batshit crazy right?

Sexism and Gaming.

Sexism is very much alive in the gaming world, anyone who says it's not clearly can't see the big picture. I personally believe that the way women are portrayed in games also has an effect how some people see girls who play video games, obviously not everyone thinks women should be portrayed in a sexual way or in the kitchen but there is a very large amount of people who do. Sex sells we all know this, statistics show that more men play video compared to women so how do they try to appeal to the males? By making characters that are half naked and sexually exploiting them in a video game.

I have experienced sexism first hand online, from people telling me that I'm a crap gamer because I'm a girl and the more scary remarks such as guys talking about doing sexually violent things they want to do to me. My main issue with the gaming world and women being treated so poorly is that we are judged by our gender rather than being a gamer, on top of all of this I have found criticism when it comes to writing about games and reviewing them, there have been many times people have said well you feel that way just because you're a girl gamer and all girl gamers have to do to get their own way is show cleavage when that's far from the truth. Women in the gaming industry are treated poorly this even stems from being lied to about there not being a budget for freelance work then finding out there was and that the male writers are getting paid. How is this fair? Why is this acceptable?

People have told me to not worry and focus on myself when I speak out against the sexism in the gaming world not realising I'm worried for a reason and speaking out because it hasn't just been me that has experienced it, my female friends have gone through it too. Back to my original point, half-naked female game characters, sure they look ace but why when it comes to wearing armour are they out in skimpy outfits? Male characters have the body armour from top to bottom but female characters? A metal plate to protect their boobs with a skirt and boots isn't going to protect them as much as a males amour now is it? But it's acceptable to put women in these outfits because let's just face it the female body will keep players interested, for example, Heavenly Sword a great game with a strong female protagonist called Nariko, she's basically in underwear fighting men in full head to toe amour. Some may say that's badass that she is able to fight in so little when in reality she is in that outfit to keep the audiences attention and because they assume the audience that will be more interested are male so sexually objectifying sells games.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory Out Now!

Do you remember back in the day when Digimon first came out and how much slack people gave it because they liked Pokemon better? Well, those days are here again and have been about since Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was released on PS4 back in 2016. Amanda who runs this site with me actually got me that game, it is a very long winded game with a lot of text and I still need to get around to finishing it but I did really enjoy it. There is now another new Digimon game set at the same time as Cyber Sleuth called Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hackers Memory, Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by Media.Vision. Digimon focuses a lot on the digital world and hacking, you can dive into the digital world and come across creatures called Digimon, you could befriend them and they will become your very own Digimon or would have to fight against them with the help of the Digimon which were yours. In this JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) you take on the role of Keisuke Amazawa who was accused of crimes he didn't commit. Whilst you go into the digital world you soon learn the truth behind these crimes and clear your name as well as find a way to protect your family and friends.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review

Developer: Studio Ghibli & Level-5
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment & Level- 5
Original game released on DS: Ni No Kuni: Dominion of the Dark Djinn
PS3 Review

I know this is a fairly out of date game but with the release of Ni No Kuni 2 (Revenant Kingdom) not far off I wanted to write up a review about the first game. A good few years back, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch became part of my PS3 collection, I initially saw the trailer and knew I had to have the game within the first few seconds of watching it, my reason for this was because it was clear that Studio Ghibli played a big role in this RPG, they actually produced the animated sequences in the game. This is a game I feel every Studio Ghibli fan should give a go, you may need to borrow a PS3 but you can get the game for as little as £4.99 from some places. The game is about a young boy named Oliver from a town named Motorville, the game starts off very dramatically and heartbroken, Oliver is trying out a new car that was designed by his friend Phillip, whilst trying it over Oliver goes into a lake and almost drowns. Oliver's mum rushes to save him but dies suddenly from heart problems. In a flash just like that Oliver's world is turned upside down, he loses the most important person in his life which pulled at my heartstrings so badly.

PAST CURE | A Telekinetic Action Thriller.

In just over 20 days we shall be seeing the release of PAST CURE, an action thriller based on a man named Ian an ex-Elite soldier. Ian has telekinetic powers which came about whilst being tortured in prison for years he can also manipulate time. It kind of reminds me of Beyond Two Souls because of the monsters he see's and his powers. Ian is now hiding out in his brother's safehouse so he can hide away from the world. Unfortunately for Ian his powers take their toll on him and have fractured his mind, he is often stuck between reality and his hallucinations. He and his brother set out to take revenge, but where will this journey take them both? This game sounds like it has a mixture of both action and thriller which I really enjoy playing, I'm looking forward to seeing how we will be able to control Ian with his powers and how he has managed to stay sane after everything he was put through. Time manipulation will be an interesting feature to his powers, as we know Max from Life is Strange had to battle with a lot of feelings especially when it came to changing what happens each time she manipulates time.

Family Guy celebrates episode 300 with a new mobile game event

I've been a Family Guy fan ever since the series was first aired in 1999. As I'm writing this I'm finding it hard to believe the series is 19 years old! The episodes have aged so well; I still watch them on a regular basis.

During busy periods of my life, I often find it hard to make time for gaming on my Playstation. The endless amount of system updates mean I can rarely just boot up my machine and play - especially if it's not been on for a while. Mobile games mean I can still get some playing time between work periods.

I was excited to learn that Jam City, a Los Angeles based mobile games studio, announced its special Danny Trejo-themed in-game event for FAMILY GUY: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game. The event launch celebrates the 300th episode. Word is Peter's business is booming and Danny wants in on that sweet, sweet action. Is there room for two overly-pimped food trucks in town?

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