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First Impressions | Rime PS4


Rime became free on PSN plus a few months ago and from the get-go I wanted to play it, it's one of those games that look simplistic yet beautiful at the same time and I knew how captivating it would be just by the look of the trailer and streams I have seen. Rime is about a little boy who has been washed up on an island which has a huge giant tower in the center, as you start running/ walking around the island you come to realise that you're not alone and a magical fox appears who guides the little boy, whilst guiding him there is someone in a red cape but whenever the little boy gets close this red-capped person is always too far away to reach.

Animals in Video Games.

All this talk of Boomer from Far Cry 5 has got me thinking about animals in games, there is no denying that by just adding one you could change someone's mind when it comes to playing a game because I for one would play a game if a dog or cat was a main focus in the game. So first on my list is Dogmeat from fall out 4, he is one of my most enjoyable compaignions to play as in the game just solely because he is a dog, he may step on a mine or two and get me blown up or seen by an enemy but he is a beautiful dog that puts a smile on my face whenever I have him around, I even have the Funko Pop of him. He has had a number of owners in Fallout 4 and eventually becomes loyal to the Sole Surviour of Vault 111 which is who the player of Fallout 4 plays as, you can send him to different settlements or take him along with you on your quests.

Steel Rats | Perfect for Motorbike Lovers.

A very exciting looking game is coming out this year, the name doesn't give too much away but just by looking at the trailer it's clear it looks to be promising, Steel Rats is a visceral and groundbreaking evolution 2.5D arcade game which has a mixture of punk and motorbikes mixed together. On March 29th Tate Multimedia hit the global events scene to showcase Steel Rats to the public ahead of its launch this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. it recently won Best Gameplay at game connection awards which already shows are promising this game is.

My E3 2018 thoughts.

Whilst browsing Twitter these past few days there is no denying people are just about ready for E3 already, I know I am! It's still a good few months away (June) and I'm looking forward to seeing more of peoples predictions for this year. I have watched E3 for years now and every year I hype myself up for the announcements since E3 2017 year so many good games have been released and it's hard to keep up with which ones to buy. I put this post together to talk about what I hope to see this year it's just a general idea but thought you may all want to read.

I'm a huge PlayStation fan and it's the main console I buy, this year we got a PS4 Pro and you can see a huge difference compared to the standard PS4, I swap between using my PS4 and James's Pro depending on what game I'm playing. A friend of mine was talking to me about hoping to hear news about the development of PS5 but I still think we are a good few years too soon to see anything about that yet so maybe Sony will be focusing more on the PS VR, they brought out a newer version of it not too long ago which we have, if you have motion sickness I suggest you take it slow when it comes to the VR. Talking of VR, I think Sony will be announcing some new titles to be released either this year or next for the PS VR and will showcase a few of the trailers and gameplay for some of them as well as the trailer for The Last of Us 2, Destiny 2 DLC, Death Stranding (but perhaps a bit more information about what will be in the game), Ghost of Tsushima and of course Devil May Cry 5 trailer. out of them all, I can't wait to see what Death Stranding will include for us, the teaser trailers are so freaky that they make me want to play it even more.

Sea of Thieves | A Pirates Life

With all the hype that surrounded Sea of Thieves when it was first released I thought people would be buzzing to get it, unfortunately from some responses people are judging it before even playing it, we all like to watch the gameplay of a video game, it's how I decide whether or not I want to get a game but the biggest issue in this case people aren't happy because of the servers even though they haven't purchased it yet. I feel like a small number of people realise that not all game releases go smoothly and sometimes things have to be ironed out after they have been released I don't think this should put others off from playing it either but some have already made up their minds. Another thing people aren't happy about is that Sea of Thieves will eventually have microtransactions, they feel that this is unfair due to paying so much for the game alone (not sure the price of the game on its own is worth its price tag), but people need to remember sales of the game only pay so much they do need to sometimes make money another way to keep a business running, hopefully these microtransactions won't cost too much nor the DLC's for the game.

Beyond Eyes | PS4 Review


Publisher: Team17
Developer: Tiger & Squid
PS4 Review

Sometimes I just want to play a chilled out game instead of something with too much content in it, I came across a very short game called Beyond Eyes, it stood out to me because it reminded me a little of the Unfinished Swan which was another relaxing game to play. I had no idea what it was about or how I would feel playing it. I have to warn you now, this is a very slow game, you're not able to run in it and you're quite literally the eyes of a little girl. The little girl you play as is called Rae who lost her eyesight, she spends much of her summer alone until one day a little cat pays her a visit and they soon become friends, what I find most adorable about this is the cat is so happy to spend time with the little girl and it's made her summer so much brighter to have someone around.

One day she realises her little cat friend hasn't been around for a while so she sets out on a journey to find the cat, being blind this is a very daunting task, as you walk along each sound, feel and even smell simulates your brain and the world around her turns to colour which is what reminds me of the unfinished swan, except in that game you have to splatter the white walls with black ink to make the world visible. I quite like the system of a world coming to life based on what the girl thinks, her perceptions are sometimes completely different to what the real world is, for instance, she walked past some water and thought it was a fountain but in fact, it was a sewer pipe.

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