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PS4 Games for Beginners.

As someone that got back into gaming after years of stopping back in 2010 I think it was it took me a while to get used to the controls on games and I would often pick a game that I knew would be way too hard for me, my sisters would actually tell me games to try out that they knew I would be fine playing until I got used to using a gaming controller again. I wanted to put together a list of games for people who have just got into using a PS4 or come back to gaming like I did, please bear in mind a lot of these will be pretty easy to play and it doesn't make anyone an n00b for playing them.

First up is obviously Flower, I played this years ago now and it's finally available to play on PS4, it's not your typical game and is mostly relaxing, you will be able to explore beautiful landscapes and fly through flowers in order to grab the petals off of them. being able to go at your own pace in a video game when you first start can be a big upside especially when you have no idea what you're doing but with Flower is easy enough to work out. The doesn't have any narrative but has 6 different levels and in each of them your aim is to collect as many petals as you can and reach the end of that level, in the main menu the view through the window is of the city but you can change it by collecting three secret flowers from each level to the backdrop of mountains.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture | PS4 Review

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: The Chinese Room / SCE Santa Monica Studio
PS4 Review

I saw people raving about this game so I jumped at my first chance at trying it, it's not your typical game and but the amount of work that went into the graphics and artwork shows. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a non-linear game, it allows you to freely roam around and explore your surroundings which is something that I always look for in a game, I'm not a huge fan of games that restrict where I can go. The game is set in England, in a small village where strange things have been going on, as the player you're trying to find where everyone is disappearing to and why I didn't want to spoil this game for myself so when I first started to play I didn't look up where to go or how to play I just explored and ended getting bored very quickly and stopped playing for ages until one day I decided I needed to finish it and get it out of my backlog and when I finally did I concentrated properly on where I was supposed to go.

The reason I got so lost is that the little wisps of light that you're meant to follow kept disappearing for ages for me and I got fed up trying to find them again, the second playthrough I tried to stay near in order to find out where I next needed to go to find a memory of someone who had gone missing in the village, whilst looking for these wisps and memories you will hear someone repeating numbers over and over again, this voice is either coming from a radio or a tv nearby, you could choose to turn them off if you wanted.

Fallout 76! A new kind of Fallout.

This week I had been sat watching Bethesda's twitch stream waiting for an announcement and finally they made it, I was starting to think weweres being trolled or that they were going to male us wait even longer but lucky for us  they didn't, I'm late to the Fallout games, but the first one I played was New Vegas back when my sister's used to play it, I wasn't that great at games and was awful at Fallout but since then my love for Fallout has grown, I know not everyone is a fan of Fallout 4 and they feel that the franchise was ruined by it but I loved it, dogmeat has to be my favourite aspect of the game even if he did get me killed a lot (forever stepping on those landmines).

Fallout 76 isn't something new, in fact, it's mentioned in some of the other games and what we do know about it is Fault 76 was a control vault which meant it wasn't for testing but instead it was used as a baseline, it housed 500 people and was programmed to open 20 years after the nuclear war and was due to open in 2097 which is over 60 years before the first Fallout takes place which means we may be seeing the events that happened before life in 2167 in southern California. From the look of the Fallout 76 trailer, the party is over and the vault seems very empty, I wonder if something went wrong or when the vault opened they all left quickly.

Gaming Backlog? I Have Huge One!

Lately I've been noticing an increase in people judging gamers for buying a new game before finishing the ones they have, I'm one of those people who will happily get a new game and still have a huge backlog because I admittedly do get bored of games even those games I love, it's nice to play something different and new, also if someone is building up a game collection for their console why can't they get a new game? My boyfriend and I have a nice little game collection already and we plan on adding more to it, I know a lot of you already know this but we have a gaming room, it's the place I spend most of my time other than my bed and I hope to fill it with even more games to build up a bigger collection, mostly for the PlayStation. If you had told me 10 years ago I would have my own gaming room and two different websites that I run I would probably tell you that's ridiculous and not something I would ever have or do, but because of my love and writing and gaming I have managed to start building up my very own gaming collection both in my home and in writing. I sat down with myself and gave myself a number of how many games I want to finish this year, I'm not on about trophies and more on about campaigns and stories to games that I want to get finished and so far these are the ones I have got done:

Life Is Strange Before the Storm:
I'm a huge fan of the first game and felt just as strongly about the second, I preordered the bundle on my birthday and finished it this year when the latest installment of the series came out, I had a lot of opinions when it came to this one as I felt Chloe didn't get as much focus on her as Rachel did but this didn't take away from the fact that it was put together really well and still pulled at my heart strings, the episode I was most disappointed with was the bonue episode Farewell where you can play as Max for one last time, I felt that it wa too short and you didn't really do much. Given it was a bonus episode so I shouldn't have expected too much but it felt like something was missing. If you want to read my thoughts on each episode you can find them below:

Episode 1 | 2 |

Red Dead Redemption Trailer.

As someone who can't shoot from a horse I'm not as excited as my boyfriend for this game but I know how happy he will be for the release date, it's been 8 years since Rockstar Games released the first game which is a pretty long wait for fans of the game, but alas the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally here. Considering it was announced back in 2016 that it was being developed I would say they are doing ok on the time scale of development. I'm not a huge fan of the first game, mostly because I couldn't get along with the controls and my little sisters found it hilarious, to be honest, it was pretty funny. You play as a man named Arthur Morgan who is an outlaw and a member of the Van der Linde gang in the year 1899, back then were the years of the Old West, I'm sure you have seen the style of movies for that era it looked like a hoot, outlaws, and gunslingers running wild, stealing and killing. I'm sure that Rockstar Games have kept the same kind of style as the first game and as far as I know, it has some returning characters, as well as Arthur, being the same main character from the first. Check out the trailer below:

Detroit: Become Human Demo First Impressions

Before I get into this post I just want to state that I'm aware of the reputation Quantic Dream have, this is a personal opinion on their latest game demo and that is it. I also understand how others have felt in regards to the gameplay trailer that shows domestic violence and how triggering that can be for someone, I do think that maybe it was a good idea to leave that out of a trailer but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I have been waiting for ages for this demo to become available to play and it's finally here, bear in mind demo's aren't that long and are usually only a snippet of a game so this is only going to be a post about what I thought of it so far then I plan on doing a proper review on it once I get my hands on a copy of the game.

I'm a big fan of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls I also started Fahrenheit on PC but I'm not a huge fan of the controls so would like to get it for PS4 instead to see if they are any easier to use which I doubt, I'm also very happy that the full game Beyond Two Souls is free on PSN right now as I enjoyed it a lot on PS3. I like the style of Quantic Dream games and their beautiful life-like graphics so I'm hoping that Detroit: Become Human will be just as enjoyable for me. Detroit: Become Human is set in 2036 so it has a different kind of time scale to Quantic Dream's other games, in this world androids are very much an important part of everyday life and humans use them to do their cleaning, cooking and even to look after their children.

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