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Ready Player One | Movie Review

Author: Ernest Cline.
Published: 2011
Movie adaptation: 2018
Director: Steven Spielberg

I know this website is for games but seeing as this movie is based on video games and has so many different elements of gaming I thought I would include it on the site. When Ready Player One was announced there were a lot of conflicting feelings towards it, not from me though, I choose to base my opinion on the movie once I had seen it because following the crowd and listening to what they think isn't always the best option especially when we all have different taste. I stopped myself from reading any of the reviews and my partner and I finally watched it, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the movie was directed by Steven Speilberg as I'm a big fan of his, he has a great vision when it comes to movies. Ready Player One started life as a book and the movie isn't true to the book but has a lot of aspects that they used in the book, which was only brought out back in 2011.

North | PS4 Review

Publisher: Sometimes You
Developer: Outlands
PS4 Review

I started this game without knowing what it was about, I purposely bought it from the PSN store because the price and because the bright colours enticed me, I knew it wouldn't be a long game due to the price (£3.29) anyways but I gave it a go and realised it is about being a refugee, I'm sure as many of you are aware that there is a refugee crisis and there are a lot of ignorant people who don't care how scared refugees must be feeling, I for one think people like this are a disgrace if someone is seeking refuged it's usually for a good reason and can be a terrifying process to go through. It's a very short puzzle, Indie, Adventure game which is available on PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita and Xbox One.

In the game North you play as a refugee, now I'm not going to say the game is accurate and represents the whole process but what I am saying is basing a game on this is very interesting and makes you think about how refugees truly must feel, especially when people call them aliens and in this case everyone is an alien, even the ones processing your paperwork. There are 3 different forms that you will need to collect in order to be granted asylum in the North, it's not that clear on how to get these bits of paperwork but after some exploring you will get the gist of it in no time, I got through the whole game in about 30 minutes so if you're looking for a long game you will be disappointed with North, it's a nice little time waster though.

Video Game Characters I dislike.

We all talk about who our favourite video characters are but I don't often see people discussing who they like the least and at times those characters can ruin a game for people, I wouldn't say the following people ruined these games for me but I would say that I didn't like how they were portrayed and felt that they needed more depth to them, especially my first choice.

As you all know I'm a huge fan of the AC games especially when it comes to AC 2 but as much as I loved it there was always one character I just didn't click with and I found a bit vapid and that was Desmond. His character first appeared in Assassins Creed (the first ever game), Desmond always knew of his heritage but grew tired of hiding away and eventually ran away at the age of 16 and eventually become a bartender. In 2012 he was kidnapped by Abstergo Industries who are a Templar organization, they needed Desmond's genetic memories in order to access his ancestor Alta├»r Ibn-La'Ahad, he then went on to access Ezio's memories in AC 2, Brotherhood, Revelations. Because of his heritage, he was also able to access Connor Mohawks memories where he eventually dies in AC 3, so he is a huge part of the AC franchise, my main issue with him was that he didn't seem to have enough substance I didn't find him to be like any of the Assassins he played as and his character felt a little deflated. He has been through a lot I know but he isn't an exciting player to play as, I would have thought he would end up with more of a personality over the time period he was in the games but it just wasn't the case and this is why he is one of my least favourite characters to bless the Assassins Creed series.

Gaming Disorder | Should it Be Taken Seriously?

This past few weeks twitter and the gaming world have been up in arms about gaming addiction being announced as a disorder and some people are adamant it's to making gaming out to be a terrible hobby but personally there is a lot more to this than just gaming, I myself have made a little joke about how 20 hours gaming a week is classed as an addiction, my reason for this is that 20 hours seems like a very low number and most gamers could be considered to have an addiction to gaming if that's the case but the more I read up on this the more I realised it's not fair to make even a little joke out of how many hours is deemed addictive because it can start out as little as 20 hours for someone and get progressively more, addiction isn't just for drugs and alcohol there are so many more things that a person can be addicted to which will slowly ruin their life, such as hoarding it can start out small and get worse and worse over time.

So who are the ones who classified gaming addiction as a disorder? The World Health Organization (WHO) are the ones who classified it, Their aim is to improve knowledge about attaining good health. For gaming addiction to be recognised as an addiction WHO states that it should show that over a period of 12 months that the addiction is impairing personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning, but they don't make any statements about how many hours is classed as an addiction, I'm not sure who actually came up with 20 hours, if you want to know more about why they class it as a gaming disorder click HERE

I Want to Live in a Video Game!

Ever sit and wonder what it would be like to live I a made up world? Me too! Except my made up world wouldn't be one you see in the movies it would be ones from video games, I have a top 3 that I would love to live in and feel like I should share them all with you, my first choice would have to be Fallout 4, I probably could say all the Fallout worlds but I think Fallout 4 fits best as it's the one I'm an avid gamer in, what I love about this world is it's not only set in the future but it's also got elements of the 40's and 50's and era that I love due to the retro furniture and cool outfits people would wear. I spent hours upon hours exploring the wasteland and coming across cool and scary things, and although the game is basically about life after the Nuclear war the world as people knew it was changed forever and in its place are new hybrids of not just animals but plants and humans. I was probably my most active exploring the outskirts of Fallout 4 but at the same would find myself utterly worried that I would get killed very quickly by a Deathclaw, the chameleon Deathclaw would be one of the worst ones if I'm honest, blending in with the background to jump out at anytime no thank you! But even if it is a little scary when the day is winding down and you're watching the sun go down between the trees, you know that there is so much more out there for you to find and the sunset is gorgeous.

Diversity and Gaming.

I feel like this is a subject that I'm constantly addressing and although some people may be fed up with it, it still needs to be addressed as many times as possible. I didn't a post about sexism and gaming back in Feb and even back then I was getting sick of peoples attitude towards women in the gaming world and the way I feel still hasn't changed, since then E3 have announced some kick-ass games a lot of which I will happily be getting and playing, a few of which have a strong female lead which is welcomed in the gaming world for me. Slowly people are coming around to the idea that women can be great lead roles and protagonists but when it comes to a game announcing that it's pushing things further and becoming more diverse by carrying on a storyline of Ellie being gay from The Last of Us DLC in The Last of Us 2, there was a lot of mixed emotions, some that weren't needed at all and show how homophobic the gaming world can be.

Why in this day and age are people still being homophobic? Its a question that baffles me a lot because love is love and people are free to love who they want (no I'm not on about child molesters and sex offenders and realise how people try to make out that predators are just as bad as someone who chooses to be gay). I've only played the last of us for a little while but I've watched streams of the main game and DLC and we have all known for a while now that one of the protagonists (Ellie) is gay.  Some people have been passing their homophobic attitude off as just wanting to play through the action but the story that comes along with the action is a huge part of the game, I love video games that follow a story I find it more enjoyable and a good story keeps me coming back. In the DLC for the first last of us, we see Ellie kiss a character called Riley.

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