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Black Clover Project Latest Announcement.

As of today, Bandai Namco announced more details for the up and coming game Black Clover Project, the game is based on the manga and anime written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata, Black Clover and is set to be released on PC and PS4 sometime this year. The game is about a young boy named Asta who was born without magical powers within a world of wizards and magic. Both he and his friend Yuna were abandoned as kids, Yuno was born with magical powers unlike Asta, both undertake a journey to become the Wizard King. As time goes on whilst training to both become Magic Knights the boys turn into rivals to fight to have the title of the Wizard King. Along the way, you will be able to play as 4 different characters, each character will be able to support the fight in their 4 formations in different ways, The Melee character will attack enemies with aggressive magic and do powerful damage in close range battles. The Healer will help the team with healing magic (that one is pretty obvious), The Range role is best used for long distant battles, they will have a strong shot when the character is properly positioned on a hill. Last but not least The Barrier will be supporting the team and will be able to raise the teammate'ss abilities.

  • Asta is a Melee character, he runs up walls really well and can eliminate the magic set by the enemies with just one swing.
  • Noelle is a Barrier Healer character and will feature a high firepower magic which can protect teammates.
  • Yuna and Gauche both have the Range ability, Yuno will have high mobility in the air whereas Gauche will perform both high firing and long range shooting from an adventurous position by being able to teleport using a mirror.
  • Mimosa is a recover Healer who can fight with a various magic one of which is range recovery magic- "Dream Healing Flower Basket" and trap magic "Maidens nursey bed".



I don't know about you all, but I'm looking forward to this!

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