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Family Guy celebrates episode 300 with a new mobile game event

I've been a Family Guy fan ever since the series was first aired in 1999. As I'm writing this I'm finding it hard to believe the series is 19 years old! The episodes have aged so well; I still watch them on a regular basis.

During busy periods of my life, I often find it hard to make time for gaming on my Playstation. The endless amount of system updates mean I can rarely just boot up my machine and play - especially if it's not been on for a while. Mobile games mean I can still get some playing time between work periods.

I was excited to learn that Jam City, a Los Angeles based mobile games studio, announced its special Danny Trejo-themed in-game event for FAMILY GUY: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game. The event launch celebrates the 300th episode. Word is Peter's business is booming and Danny wants in on that sweet, sweet action. Is there room for two overly-pimped food trucks in town?

Along with the in-game event, Jam City is releasing comedic videos starring Danny Trejo giving players a taste of what to expect in FAMILY GUY: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game. You can check out one of them below:

The game follows the extremely popular Candy Crush formula - matching coloured items to make them disappear. In true Family Guy style, it comes with a lot of laughs and plenty of animated violence in the form of battles and matches. 

If you haven't played it yet then now is your chance. FAMILY GUY: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, at (, on Google Play at (, and available via all major app stores worldwide.

-Amanda H

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