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Nintendo Labo: Release Details.

Yesterday the Nintendo community were all eagerly awaiting an announcement from Nintendo Players UK that was due to be announced that same day at 10pm UK time. They stated that this announcement would be something to do with kids and kids at heart so it got a lot of people thinking including myself (even though I don't own a Nintendo Switch) about what it could possibly be, I was was pumped to know what else would come to the Switch.

I was pretty surprised when they announced it would be a product made from cardboard. My mind went straight to how will kids be able to keep these cool little toys in good shape and not bend or break them easily over time. Being a person who isn't overly keen on having cardboard around their house anyways, I felt that this was a product that wouldn't be able to stand the test of time nor age well for collectors. But enough of me going on, let's get down to what these cardboard toys are exactly: Nintendo has named this set of product Nintendo Labo and states that combines the magic of Nintendo Switch with the fun of DIY creations. I personally think it's important for kids to enjoy making things and learn how they work, there are several places now where kids can build there own robots and that is essentially what the Nintendo Labo is. You will be able to play games on the Switch using these toys and learn how your creations shape ideas into a reality.

How it works: The Nintendo Labo comes in a lot with modular sheets of cardboard. These sheets have been specially designed to interact with the Nintendo Switch and Joy-con controllers, which turn the toys into something called Toy-Con. There are a number of different kits such as a piano, motorbike, robot and much more. Each Toy-Con will work in different ways with the Nintendo Switch, whilst you build you will learn more about how the technology for these Toy-Cons works. Now my biggest issue about this are those who are disabled who won't be able to construct and use these kits, you may be sitting there thinking someone can build it for them, but they won't be able to have the joy of playing with these Toy-Cons if they are unable to use them due to their disability, nor will they be able to enjoy the game that works with these kits. So there is some food for thought for you all.

Although there is lack of accessibility, these toys will be a fun and great way for families to play with their children or as a family/friends on the Nintendo Switch; a nice little project to construct together. You will even be able to customise you Toy-Con creations with stickers and markers, and even paint them however you wish. Now here comes the bit that I and a lot of other people aren't too keen on: the price. The Variety kit will be $69.99 (£50) this is the kit for the piano, motorbike etc. Where as the kit for the Robot will retail at $79.99 (£57), which is very steep for a lot of people. You will also be able to buy a special customization set that includes stencils, stickers, and coloured tape for $9.99 (£7). I would probably buy my own for cheaper than that. The Nintendo Labo kits will be available to buy on April 20th, check out the video below:

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