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Vampyr Web Series.

This bit of news it a little late, but I'm sure you can all forgive me as we are still new too this, last year I was browsing up and coming games and came across Vampyr, it looked right up my street and ever since I have been excited to hear about any up and coming news about it. Well, recently DONTNOD Entertainment the developers of the game Vampyr invited fans to the studio to see the first insights into the creative process behind the game. Lucky for us all we will get to see  a 4 part web series into the game which will show us gameplay footage that a lot of us have been hoping to see, it will be released every Thursday for the coming 3 weeks as the first episode: Making Monsters, is already out and can be seen here:

The game Vampyr is set in 1918 London, the city is in a sorry state after WW1 and people are dying rapidly from the Spanish flu, you will play the part of Dr, Jonathon Reid who is torn between saving and killing people in this epidemic, but with his action come consequences and it will be our job to help control his first and need to feed and grow. I love the concept of this kind of storyline, when games are set in the past I tend to play them more as I like seeing the fashion and the way buildings looked back then, although it's fiction a lot of the surroundings will be based on accurate history. In the first episode of the 4 part series we learn a lot more about Dr Jonathon Reid, he has been freshly turned into a vampire and comes to find a new reality of monsters which were once hidden creatures of the night.

Some of you will recognise the name DONTNOD, they are the same team who also worked on Life is Strange which has had a lot of success and is still doing wonderfully well. The name Vampyr is the Hungarian version of the spelling vampire which gives it a very unique edge and helps set the scene for the year that the game is set in, this game has been in the works for a number of years now and from what I have seen, I hope it meets my expectations. the graphics remind me a lot of Dishonored which is a game I highly recommend you all try out! Vampyr is set to be released in spring this year for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, don't forget to check out the second web series instalment of Vampyr on Thursday the 25th of January.

- Elle R

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