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Is It Really Worth The Effort?

When I first came up with the idea to do this site alongside Amanda it was just a thought which another friend of mine had put into my head, something that made me really think about where I want to take my writing and if I really want to do it from another site. I realised that my main blog is an outlet for me and my life so why shouldn't I have another outlet that just focuses on gaming solely, there isn't anything wrong with that right? I have had mostly great remarks about this site, people telling me they love the aspect of news and personal posts revolving around gaming but someone recently said to me "Elle is it really worth the effort" their reason for saying this? I told them I had been struggling a bit because I haven't been too well with my health and I needed to slow down a little which is what I did, I took a week out to myself to recover from the flu and a nasty kidney infection and since then I have been happy to get back into things on both here and my blog. 

I don't want to sound like I'm angry I would say more annoyed that someone tried to put that thought into my head, having a chronic illness can be hard as it is and I'm usually a very determined person who will get things done as best as I can, why should I hold myself back because someone else has questioned my ability. The same goes for gaming, I get grilled all the time about if I really wasn't well I wouldn't be playing video games, this is rude and ableist, we all have hobbies we enjoy and no one should have to stop them to try and convince others they are really ill, it's ridiculous. I started this site because it's something new, something exciting for me to focus on and to have others involved with, yes it's a bit slow right now but you can't rush these things, good quality content should ever be rushed.

I hope you all do understand that with having a chronic illness sometimes I won't be around and will be either sleeping or taking time to myself, sitting in front of a screen writing does have an effect on my condition sometimes and breaks from the screen are the best thing for it. After 6 years of running my main blog, I kind of knew that I would most likely be able to keep both this site and my blog going at the same time as they revolve around the same subject and it's been working out really well since we launched on January 13th (the site is over a month old now yay!). I do apologise for not writing much news these past two weeks and I will try to pick up the pace and get some review on here, old or new ones to me it doesn't really matter so long as it helps me and others share our writing. 

Don't let others try to question yourself or your abilities, if you know you can do it then that's all that matters really. The first year of building up content and an audience for a site can be hard, we already have quite a few readers which I'm chuffed about and if any of you are reading this and want to write a review, opinions etc just use our contact tab at the bottom of the site and fill out the form. Now to move away from the negativity and tell you what I have been putting effort into lately! I have a backlog of games right now that I'm going through slowly and I'm hoping to review some of the games on here and on my blog, I love getting to the end of a game knowing the next step is for me to do is to write a review so hopefully soon you will see some more games reviews from me.

So the moral of this post is yes, this site is worth the effort and I hope to see it grow this year.
- Elle R

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