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Purrfect Date | Purrfect for all you Cat Lovers.

I'm not kidding when I say I love cats, anything cat related and my heartstrings are definitely pulled, so cat games are no exception. One of my friends recently sent me the trailer to the new game called Purrfect Date and I fell in love with how cheesy it looked, given I haven't downloaded it yet but it's available on Steam and iOS. Purrfect Date is a mix of a visual novel, dating sim and dark comedy, yes there are talking cat's and if that isn't weird enough some are slightly creeping in their underwear. In the game you play as a human who is taken to a cat island, you will have to date a number of kitties in order to uncover a dark secret, sounds pretty batshit crazy right?

I'm not sure how people will react to the fact they will be a human dating a cat, slightly pushing things there but then again this is the game world so that kind of thing would be acceptable, from the likes of the trailer the game looks like it was made to be sketchy and make you feel awkward at all times, it kind of reminds me of Dream Daddy. The team who put this game together are called Bae Team, they are an independent games studio that consists of Oliver Hindle who is best known for his parody drawing tutorials, songs and videos on Youtube and Ruby-Mae Roberts who is a cat lover like me!

I like that this game doesn't take itself too seriously and has so many different endings, 18 to be exact, it's said to have its fair share of drama and silliness and was released just in time for Valentine's day for mobile, so don't spend it on your own get to the Apple store and for the price of £4.99 it could be yours or for £7.19 on Steam. Check out the trailer below:

- Elle R

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