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Radiation Island has come to the Nintendo Switch.

From the award-winning team behind Sky Gamblers and Battle Supremacy comes Radiation Island from Atypical Games making their debut on the Nintendo Switch. The name doesn't sound too exciting but it's clear it will be a survival game bound to keep you busy. An experiment goes wrong and you as the player find yourself fighting to survive on a hostile island, you will have . to scavenge for food, find resources and find firearms to survive the environment you're in. Everything is against you on this island even the weather and with the radiation comes zombies. The island has lots of different areas to explore but in order to survive then you will need to make sure you're properly equipped, you will need to craft items to do so. As with most games, this one has, it has secrets, you will need to unlock them in order to get back to the real world, I think the game sounds really fun and for only $9.99 from the Nintendo eshop it's a fun afforadable and cool little game.

The Key Features:
  • Explore vast forests inhabited by dangerous wolves, bears, and mountain lions, and investigate abandoned villages and old military compounds where zombies guard vital tools necessary for survival.
  • Mine for resources to craft weapons, tools, and basic vehicles. 
  • Build small households or construct complex labyrinths with a plethora of craftable building components.
  • Hunt wild animals, fish, or gather fruits to overcome hunger. Swim and dive, but avoid hungry crocodiles!
  • Survive the full day-night cycle by facing the dangers of darkness and cold.

Atypical Games said:
“We knew when we created Radiation Island that it was meant for a home console. With the portability of the Nintendo Switch, fans of the game can have the best of both worlds,” Andrei Lopata, CEO of Atypical Games, said. “We always hold our games to incredibly high standards, and the Nintendo Switch lets us exceed our own expectations while still letting us create full-fledged experience gamers can take with them on the go.”

Check out the trailer below

The game was released on Nintendo Switch on February 22nd, it's also available from the apple store.
- Elle R

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