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Sexism and Gaming.

Sexism is very much alive in the gaming world, anyone who says it's not clearly can't see the big picture. I personally believe that the way women are portrayed in games also has an effect how some people see girls who play video games, obviously not everyone thinks women should be portrayed in a sexual way or in the kitchen but there is a very large amount of people who do. Sex sells we all know this, statistics show that more men play video compared to women so how do they try to appeal to the males? By making characters that are half naked and sexually exploiting them in a video game.

I have experienced sexism first hand online, from people telling me that I'm a crap gamer because I'm a girl and the more scary remarks such as guys talking about doing sexually violent things they want to do to me. My main issue with the gaming world and women being treated so poorly is that we are judged by our gender rather than being a gamer, on top of all of this I have found criticism when it comes to writing about games and reviewing them, there have been many times people have said well you feel that way just because you're a girl gamer and all girl gamers have to do to get their own way is show cleavage when that's far from the truth. Women in the gaming industry are treated poorly this even stems from being lied to about there not being a budget for freelance work then finding out there was and that the male writers are getting paid. How is this fair? Why is this acceptable?

People have told me to not worry and focus on myself when I speak out against the sexism in the gaming world not realising I'm worried for a reason and speaking out because it hasn't just been me that has experienced it, my female friends have gone through it too. Back to my original point, half-naked female game characters, sure they look ace but why when it comes to wearing armour are they out in skimpy outfits? Male characters have the body armour from top to bottom but female characters? A metal plate to protect their boobs with a skirt and boots isn't going to protect them as much as a males amour now is it? But it's acceptable to put women in these outfits because let's just face it the female body will keep players interested, for example, Heavenly Sword a great game with a strong female protagonist called Nariko, she's basically in underwear fighting men in full head to toe amour. Some may say that's badass that she is able to fight in so little when in reality she is in that outfit to keep the audiences attention and because they assume the audience that will be more interested are male so sexually objectifying sells games.

I do feel like female protagonists are getting recognised for more than how sexy they are late and this is a welcomed change, one of which who some of you may be sick of hearing is Aloy, she reminds me a lot of Lara, they are both very strong-minded young women determined and focused and rather than focusing on what they look like, even though they are both visually stunning the gameplay is more about how badass they are and how a game is focused on a female role rather than a male one. Here is just a few kick ass women in games:

  • Jill Valentine - Resident Evil
  • Chun-Li - Street Fighter Series
  • Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
  • Nina Williams - Tekken
  • Jodie - Beyond Two Souls
  • Alice Liddell - Alice McGees Alice
  • Ikora Rey - Destiny
  • Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite

As someone who writes about gaming, I'm forever trying to explain to people why sexism should have no place in the gaming world, especially when girls are questioned when they say they like video games. I didn't realise this was a pop quiz that I had to pass in order for you to believe or consider the fact that I play and enjoy games, but unfortunately, that's how narrow-minded some people can be. Amanda and I started this website mainly for women, that's where the name "Her Gaming World" comes into this, it for females who want to be able to express their love for games in a world where they won't be put down and told they are liars or fake, it's for women who beleieve it's time to stop with the "gamer girl" tag and just be known as a gamer, it's for women who are just fed up with the sexism in the gaming world and wnt to write about their love for gaming. Right now we don't have many people writing on here but I hope in time people will want to guest write for us, we accept any gender even if it's focused on women.

Some of you may be sitting there shaking your head saying "But Elle you said lets not focus on gender but your site name contradicts itself" personally that's not what it's doing, I don't call myself a girl gamer I'm simply a girl who games and this is my gaming world, it can be good and bad but I'm representing how it is for females in this world. Both me and Amanda are female thus it's a great name for both of us, I could have had Our Gaming world but I feel that takes it away from the fact that two of us both female created this to help fellow women, there is a way to represent gender without focusing on gender being a bad thing. the stereotype of girl gamer is what must change, we are ALL gamers.

Sorry about the rant but it drives me up the wall and felt what better way to express myself than through a post on here!

- Elle R

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