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Facebook Launches the Women in Gaming Initiative to Encourage Women in the Gaming Industry to Come Together.

On February 28th, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, announced that Facebook was launching their Women in Gaming initiative. This announcement was made via a Facebook page they created to tell women in the gaming industry to come together and express their feelings on the industry. Aoife Brodigan, head of marketing for the Facebook Europe and Middle East team, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the goal of the program is to change the industry and make it more accepting towards women.

The goal of this program is to create a community where women in the gaming industry can share their stories, challenges, hopes, and dreams within the industry. Their Facebook post also states that they hope to create more diversity in games, encourage more women to pursue high positions in the gaming industry, and work together to inspire change. On the Facebook page, they made for this initiative, Sandberg stated that about half of gamers are women, but women only make about 23 percent of the gaming workforce, with women of color making up even less.

In the video on the Facebook page, Sandberg said, "Gaming is one of the best examples of people connecting around their interests and women have a really important part to play in this industry. We need to use the full talents of the population to create titles and businesses that speak to everyone. And that's what our Women in Gaming program is about. We want to build a global community for you to share your stories, your challenges, your hopes and your dreams". Sandberg stated that there are many more female protagonists in video games then there were before. She said that women were not only important as designers, engineers, professionals, and gamers, but also as characters.

Sandberg stated, "Tracer from Overwatch, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, and Chloe and Nadine from Uncharted are just a few of the female characters breaking out of the background and becoming lead figures. Sandberg said that Facebook is also starting Women in Gaming Stories Days where women can share their experiences and say what itís really like working as a woman in the gaming industry today. This initiative was created to empower women and further the conversation around womenís issues. 

The initiative has a home page containing all the information about the program and provides a platform for women to share their stories. There is a tab on the page called #SheTalksGames, which provides a forum to share challenges, opportunities, and aspirations that will move the conversation and the industry forward. According to Venture Beat, Brodigan said, "We heard a lot of back stories of how women got started, and that got us thinking about how to elevate these stories. We hope to encourage more women to join this industry. We want to look at how we can evolve and change this industry". Sandberg stated that the team behind the project are also partnered with other businesses in the industry to bring new research and perspective to the conversation. She stated they would work with gaming companies to set up Lean In circles and support networks across the world "to support and empower one another to create real change."

Brodigan said, "We wanted to see how Facebook could get involved in a more meaningful way. It's part of our history on Facebook to broaden our role. We were looking to figure out how to roll this forward and promote diversity in the industry." Facebook will also advocate for women in the industry at popular gaming events throughout the year, including Gamescom, E3, and the European Women in Games Conference. Facebook has already recorded and shared 18 stories from women around the world on their Stories page.

This article was written by the Nico Morles an author from Gameonaire Who cover the gaming industry and share opportunities for gamers to make a career out of their hobby.

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