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My E3 2018 thoughts.

Whilst browsing Twitter these past few days there is no denying people are just about ready for E3 already, I know I am! It's still a good few months away (June) and I'm looking forward to seeing more of peoples predictions for this year. I have watched E3 for years now and every year I hype myself up for the announcements since E3 2017 year so many good games have been released and it's hard to keep up with which ones to buy. I put this post together to talk about what I hope to see this year it's just a general idea but thought you may all want to read.

I'm a huge PlayStation fan and it's the main console I buy, this year we got a PS4 Pro and you can see a huge difference compared to the standard PS4, I swap between using my PS4 and James's Pro depending on what game I'm playing. A friend of mine was talking to me about hoping to hear news about the development of PS5 but I still think we are a good few years too soon to see anything about that yet so maybe Sony will be focusing more on the PS VR, they brought out a newer version of it not too long ago which we have, if you have motion sickness I suggest you take it slow when it comes to the VR. Talking of VR, I think Sony will be announcing some new titles to be released either this year or next for the PS VR and will showcase a few of the trailers and gameplay for some of them as well as the trailer for The Last of Us 2, Destiny 2 DLC, Death Stranding (but perhaps a bit more information about what will be in the game), Ghost of Tsushima and of course Devil May Cry 5 trailer. out of them all, I can't wait to see what Death Stranding will include for us, the teaser trailers are so freaky that they make me want to play it even more.

Although I only own an Xbox 360 and I'm behind in terms of next-gen consoles I still enjoy hearing what Microsoft have in store for its fans and players. Since the Xbox One X hasn't been out too long it's obvious a lot of 4K games are going to be announced at E3 this year for it one of which is rumoured to be Fable 4, I know a lot of people prefer the first and second and aren't too bothered about this but it would surprise everyone. Halo 6 could be included in some way whether it's a trailer or just a little mention, another game people are very critical about as they like to pretend the last 2 didn't happen. Hellblade was announced to be released on Xbox One this year so they may show a trailer for it along with an Ori 2 release date announcement. One thing about Microsoft that I love is their design lab for controllers, I think that a lot of new designs will be added to it and announced at E3.

All I ever hear these days is how I should get a Nintendo Switch and it's slowly earing me down and making me want one, alas I can't afford one yet but maybe one day right? I still happily use the Wii as it is but would love to try out a lot of games that are on the Switch. The gaming world is buzzing off of the success of the Switch and has proved a lot of people wrong with how well it's done, so we are bound to see a fair few games announced/mentioned for the Switch such as Metroid Prime 4, Yoshi, perhaps Pikman 4 and Pokemon Switch which would be a brand new RPG Pokemon game (could be 2) with new characters and more Pokemon with Ambiio support. I'm kind of hoping that they will make an Animal Crossing announcement, as fun as it was to play pocket camp a new game for an actual console would be so cool.

I'm aware this is only a short post but I don't want to get too carried away and be disappointed so I stuck with the basic's to be honest, what are your predictions?
- Elle R 

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