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Sea of Thieves | A Pirates Life

With all the hype that surrounded Sea of Thieves when it was first released I thought people would be buzzing to get it, unfortunately from some responses people are judging it before even playing it, we all like to watch the gameplay of a video game, it's how I decide whether or not I want to get a game but the biggest issue in this case people aren't happy because of the servers even though they haven't purchased it yet. I feel like a small number of people realise that not all game releases go smoothly and sometimes things have to be ironed out after they have been released I don't think this should put others off from playing it either but some have already made up their minds. Another thing people aren't happy about is that Sea of Thieves will eventually have microtransactions, they feel that this is unfair due to paying so much for the game alone (not sure the price of the game on its own is worth its price tag), but people need to remember sales of the game only pay so much they do need to sometimes make money another way to keep a business running, hopefully these microtransactions won't cost too much nor the DLC's for the game.

For those not familiar with this game (I think it's pretty hard to miss out on everyone talking about it in the gaming world) Sea of Thieves was announced at E3 back in 2015 which was a good 3 years ago now, it's a pirate-themed action adventure co-op multiplayer game from a first-person perspective, you explore an open world with online players on a pirate ship and take on different roles on the ship, you take on quests and go on adventures where you can loot and battle people. When I first saw the gameplay I was instantly excited, yes it was a bit too soon to hype the game up but I liked the look of it all.

The graphics looked visually beautiful and simplistic and the characters looked unique and not too lifelike at all, I felt like this gave the game an edge, the thing that sold the game as a whole for me was the pirate ships, who doesn't want to play as a pirate on one? I loved pirates as a kid and still love them now, in fact, I'm obsessed with the TV show Black Sails (it's a great show go and watch it on Prime), being able to get off of the ship and go to islands will be exciting, I, unfortunately, can't get the game as I don't own an Xbox One or Microsoft PC but if I ever do get one I would love to play it.  I can't wait to see some more gameplay from the game, I will most likely hop on Twitch and watch a few people play it, Sea of Thieves was released on the 19th of March.

Check out the trailer below: 

- Elle R 

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