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Gaming Backlog? I Have Huge One!

Lately I've been noticing an increase in people judging gamers for buying a new game before finishing the ones they have, I'm one of those people who will happily get a new game and still have a huge backlog because I admittedly do get bored of games even those games I love, it's nice to play something different and new, also if someone is building up a game collection for their console why can't they get a new game? My boyfriend and I have a nice little game collection already and we plan on adding more to it, I know a lot of you already know this but we have a gaming room, it's the place I spend most of my time other than my bed and I hope to fill it with even more games to build up a bigger collection, mostly for the PlayStation. If you had told me 10 years ago I would have my own gaming room and two different websites that I run I would probably tell you that's ridiculous and not something I would ever have or do, but because of my love and writing and gaming I have managed to start building up my very own gaming collection both in my home and in writing. I sat down with myself and gave myself a number of how many games I want to finish this year, I'm not on about trophies and more on about campaigns and stories to games that I want to get finished and so far these are the ones I have got done:

Life Is Strange Before the Storm:
I'm a huge fan of the first game and felt just as strongly about the second, I preordered the bundle on my birthday and finished it this year when the latest installment of the series came out, I had a lot of opinions when it came to this one as I felt Chloe didn't get as much focus on her as Rachel did but this didn't take away from the fact that it was put together really well and still pulled at my heart strings, the episode I was most disappointed with was the bonue episode Farewell where you can play as Max for one last time, I felt that it wa too short and you didn't really do much. Given it was a bonus episode so I shouldn't have expected too much but it felt like something was missing. If you want to read my thoughts on each episode you can find them below:

Episode 1 | 2 |

A game I never heard of before I came across it on the store has become one of the most enjoyable puzzle games I have played this year, I've started to notice that PS3 games are getting more and more appealing to me now even though I mostly play my PS4, it's not a bad thing as it means my PS3 gets more love again and it's been one of my favourite PS consoles that I've owned. Rain has a way of pulling at your heartstrings even though there are no spoken words, the characters bring the story to life just by working with one another, I wrote a review on it here.

The Raven Remastered:
This was not really my kind of game, even though it is very mystery driven which I like in a game, I found it to be very glitchy at times which made it hard to move on to the next chapter of the story but the mystery story in the game is one I never saw coming. The trophies seem easy enough to get, I haven't attempted to get all of them yet as I don't want to get stuck on a glitch again but at some point, I hope to go back to it and try to get them, I also have a review for it here.

Ni No Kuni 2:
I always have a lot to say about this gaming mostly because it was the game of the year for me, it had all the right elements from the artwork to the storyline, I thought I wouldn't be as good as it as I was crap when it came to the first game but was surprised to see how different it was to the first. If you're looking for a game to invest hours into I would definitely buy Ni No Kuni 2! Read my review on it here.

My Name is Mayo:
I recently did a review on this over on this website, not the greatest story driven game but it will keep you entertained for a good 30 minutes by making you click a jar of mayo and dress it up with different props, probably the easiest game to ever get a platinum trophy in, review here.

Bioshock Infinite:
I received this game on PS3 years ago but funny enough didn't play it until I got the Bioshock Collection off of James, it's turned out to be my favourite game out of the Bioshock series which I never thought I would end up saying, the story alone is kept me hooked and then when I played through the DLC's I discovered how it connected to the first two Bioshock games. I have actually started the PS3 version as my 11th game of the year that I finish, some may say that's cheating but it is after all on a different console, read my review on it here.

Beyond Eyes:
Another game I wrote a review for on here, I really enjoyed the sweet sad story behind this game, at times it was very slow and you can't run but it starts to grow on you and you start to realise how isolated the little girl who is blind has been feeling and how much joy the little cat she has gone to find has brought to her life, check out my review here.

Batman | The Telltale  Series:
This is a Telltale game which I got for free on PS Plus, it was another easy game to get a platinum in but I didn't like it so much, it felt dragged on and I felt like I wasn't given enough freedom with playing which is my biggest issue with Telltale games, perhaps I should try and give some more Telltale games a go to see if I feel any different.

The Thin Silence:
I haven't played that many PC games and when I play any STeam games it tends to be on an iMac which is frowned upon apparently, I was sent a code to play and review The Thin Silence and ended up loving it, I was crap at a lot of the puzzles because I'm not that great at them anyways but the message behind the game involved a lot of Mental Health awareness which I think is very important especially with it being Mental Health Awareness week, check out my review here.

Last Day of June:
What a devastatingly beautiful game this was, the game focused mainly on reversing time and changing the past and no matter how much the main character tried he would always be met with the one person he loves dying, although the ending of the game was happy and sad at the same time I would recommend people give this a play through, it's not a very long game and will take about 5 hours to finish, the review for it is here.

So they are the games I have already finished, I hope to add more soon so fingers crossed I can get 30 finished this year!

- Elle R

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