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My Top 3 Underrated Games.

Do you ever come across a video game and wonder how you only just heard of it? This has happened a few times with games for me with a few games in particular which are very different from each other but all are enjoyable, the first one being Rain, whenever I talk about this game people think I'm talking about Heavy Rain which is fair enough considering they both have rain in the name but they are extremely different and one is about a child killer whereas the other is about a sick child find their way back. Rain stands out a lot to me because of how the story progresses and how you eventually meet up with the young child which in a way have been guiding you unbeknown to them.

Rain is considered a puzzle and can be very thought-provoking, it's all about timing and using the rain and dry patches within the game to hide your presents, as soon as you step into the rain you're visible and monster spirits are able to catch you and the darkness consumes you, I like the idea that whilst fighting off an illness the young boy is actually in a dark version of his world where he needs to find his way to the light whilst trying to help the little girl he came across. The game never gives too much away and kind of lets you interpret it in your own way.

The game is able to make you feel panicked at times, especially when the Uknown spirit comes after you, it's different from the other spirits as it towers over you and is able to catch up pretty fast, by finding dry spaces to hide in you can trick the unknown into thinking you have got away. The little girl seems a lot more clued up on how to get around which made think she had been there a while, which she uses to her advantage. Rain is only available on PS3 but I would love to see it come to PS4 to play through again. I did a full review of this game if you want to know more about it, HERE.

The next game would have to be Alan Wake, it's available on Xbox 360 and PC and is from the horror genre, I remember watching the gameplay to this game thinking how cool it looked, its 8 years old now which is hard to believe! The game is about a man called Alan Wake who is a bestselling thriller author, ironically his wife goes missing whilst they are on holiday in a place called Bright Falls. Again this game is about the darkness which plays a huge role throughout the game. Some have compared the setting of the game to Silent Hill which I can understand as it does have that kind of feel to it thanks to the town Bright Falls but I think it's uniquely different.

Alan Wake is a bit of a mind fuck, to say the least, you're not sure what initially is going on due to his blackouts, the game consists of 6 chapters of his confliction and fears but throws you right into the darkness. This is when I would panic and wasn't sure what to do for a split second, the light is your guide and can be used to shine on dark figures which chase you and destroy them but that alone can't protect you he has an option of guns he can use to protect himself too. What I like about the plot is that fragments of what has gone on are missing to hi and it makes it that much harder for him to solve whats going on also Alan has abilities which he can use to his advantage. 

There is a lake in the game which soon becomes a huge focus within Alan Wake, the dark presence is trapped there and is turning fiction into reality which is why the game plays tricks on his mind, the dark presence has an effect on the townspeople who it is able to use its advantage to harm Alan, it's not the first time the dark presence has done this to a writer which we soon learn. it's a great game and I don't feel like enough people are aware of it, I have the limited edition of the game which comes with a book (The Alan Wake Files), game, soundtrack and bonus disc, I still have yet to read the book but I will get around to it eventually.

The last game I have chosen is All Stara Battle Royale on PS3, I played this game for hours when it came out it was such a fun fighting game with some awesome PlayStation characters to choose from, it is similar to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros but in its own right has its own style. There are 14 different arena's to choose from all of which have hazards which can damage you and items can appear which the player(s) can use to their advantage. This was a game I was good at, I loved the variety of characters I could choose from most of all because I could fight as Big Daddy.

It would be awesome if they brought out the sequel of this game with newer game characters that we have been introduced to such as Aloy, how cool would it be to play as her in an arena against other PlayStation characters? But alas I don't think we will ever see this happen for years people have been asking for another one but nothing has ever come of it, I'm not sure if people still play it online but I will have to put it in my PS3 and try multiplayer mode to find out! I still very much love playing on older consoles and I often find myself neglecting my PS4 to play an older game due to only recently discovering it, what are some of your favourite underrated games?

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