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Simon Belmont | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

A few weeks ago my partner introduced me to Castlevania, we were browsing Netflix and he came across the latest series and told me all about the games and how much he enjoyed them, we proceeded to watch the series on Netflix and I really enjoyed it, I'm really looking forward to season 2. Once it went off I asked him to show me some gameplay of the games I would like best and he went on to show me all of them, since then I have been reading up about the games and would love to get the PS3 Castlevania games to play through (I will eventually), yesterday I was on my Discord server and one of my friends told me that Simon Belmont from Castlevania will be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I unfortunately still don't own a Switch to play it but thought it would be a great addition to the line up they already have.

Simons main weapon in the game will be his whip which will have special attacks which shall be true to the Castlevania series, along with the whip he will be able to use the axe, Holy water and Grand Cross Final Smash. His stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be Dracula's Castle, it shall include candlesticks that release items when destroyed. Along with Simon we will see Alucard who was a hero from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, he appears as an assist trophy, assist trophies are  assist figures which can be picked up and broken up can summon a random Nintendo (or third party) character to help the player. As well as Alucard, Richter Belmont will join the game as an Echo Fighter.

Another new fighter joining the game is King K. Rool, he is a beloved villain from all three Donkey Kong Country games on the Super NES, he will be a playable character that attacks with blunderbuss which can fire a cannonball at opponents and can throw his crown which acts as a boomerang. The Nintendo Switch Exclusive will feature more than 70 fighters, 100 stages and 900 music tracks, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 7th 2018, it will make a perfect Christmas present! Check out the video below to see the characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

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