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Are All Classic Games Worth Remastering? | Here's What I think.

This is a subject a lot of people have an opinion on, a very mixed one at that but whenever the topic comes up it always gets me thinking. I grew up with a lot of classic games on consoles that I don't tend to play much anymore but it doesn't stop me from still playing them, in fact, it would be much easier to play them on current gen consoles instead of tracking down the original console they were brought out on, not that there is anything wrong with that. Since the current gen has come out I have enjoyed playing newer games but it usually comes with a big price tag, I don't mind paying for it to be honest but what I found out is remasters are much cheaper at times which is a huge upside right?

Now here comes an unpopular opinion, even though there are a lot of classic games I don't think they should all be remastered. Sometimes it's nice to move away from something classic and play it as it is without them changing how it looks overall. I remember the shortest remastered game I heard about which was The Last of Us, it seemed far too early for them to make the remaster considering that it hadn't even been out that long, I know it's a very popular game but I would have thought much older games would be getting a remastered versions way before TLOU. I don't mind classics like Crash and Spyro being remastered but it always comes with judgement mostly from those disappointed that it doesn't have the same feel and look, not sure what they expect to be honest, it's a remastered game they are going to change the graphics and how characters look.

I don't think people should be surprised when remasters are made because movies have been doing it for a while now and we have gone with it just fine, take Star Wars, for example, my partner and I were watching Star Wars IV and I didn't realise it was the remastered version until I commented on how good the graphics they used looked and my partner told me it's because it's the remastered version so yes sometimes remasters are well worth making to improve on something that's already brilliant. But should people who aren't going to buy them complain? I guess it's not so much complaining more so constructive criticism if done right, I for one feel there is nothing wrong to share views on subjects like this.

New games get me excited, I like to step away from the older stories as much as I love them and yes I'm aware that most games are just recycled storylines but when they take a new approach that's what get's me excited. I guess what I'm trying to say in this post is that some games need to be left in the past, there is no point remastering every single classic game because someone else thinks it should be remade, it can be hard picking games I would want to come back but even if I did get lots of enjoyment out of them I want to move forward in the gaming world and experience something different, if games I weren't keen on being remade I wouldn't be slagging them off either because at the end of the day I personally don't have to buy it and if the publishers/developers feel this is what they want to give the market that's up to them.

If I did have to choose a few games that I would want to be remastered I think it Super Mario 64, I played this game for hours with my sister's the music, levels etc kept me hooked and although it does have 64 in its name because it was on the Nintendo 64 a remastered version would look ace on the Nintendo Switch and might just twist my arm enough to get one (along with Animal Crossing) and Maybe Dino Crisis 1 & 2 or maybe a 3rd game to go with the series that would be cool, I was late to the party when it came to those games but would be awesome to see them on this current gen consoles! 

If you could choose any game to be remastered what would it be? Are you sick of remastered games and think they should stop being made? Leave your answers below.

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