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Top 5 Games to play this Halloween.

Halloween is fast approaching and like most people, I love watching horrors and thrillers to get into the Halloween spirit but I also like to scare myself by playing video games which is rare as I can only play them for a short amount of time. Video games have become a huge part of everyday life and even now developers are holding special events in games for the holidays, Bungie, for example, holds a Halloween event every year for Destiny and Destiny 2 has been no different, this year the Festival of the Lost has been great fun to play!

One game, in particular, that is one of my favourites that a few people say it isn't scary would have to be Bioshock, the reason I chose this game was that it was the first game I played that made me jump on PS3, a little while ago the Bioshock collection was released for both PS4 and Xbox One so you can immerse yourself in the rapture all you like! Bioshock has a fantastic atmosphere and the storyline drew me in, you play as a man called Jack in the year 1960, you travel underwater to the city of Rapture. Jack was given the job of stopping a man named Ryan by Atlas, he accepted the job but in all honesty, I don't think he was prepared for what he came across. I found myself playing this game over and over again because it's so gripping and I loved the surroundings, I especially loved the Big Daddies who are scary yet the coolest things about the game.

Alien Isolation is a game that I personally can't play myself because I know it will make my HR go too fast, even the Alien films freak me out a little,  and although the game scares me I do enjoy watching gameplay of it on Twitch. It's a stealth game so in order to survive you're going to have to creep around a lot and hide, I would end up dying a lot because I'm not the greatest at stealth games. It takes 15 years after the Alien film so they are connected in some way, your main objective is to explore the space station and complete tasks, there are lots of places to run and hide but are they good enough to hide in so you're not caught!?!

Silent Hill is an obvious pick, to be honest, but the one I pick out of all of them would have to be Silent Hill 2. The games scare me more than any of the Silent Hill movies any day and obviously because you're in control and making your way through Silent Hill you get to experience it first hand rather than watching it. Silent Hill 2 isn't a direct sequel to the first but you do get to find out a lot more about the history of Silent Hill within this game, it was released on PS2 back in 2001. Your main objective is to search for your wife whilst trying not to be killed by whatever you come by, you must find anything to use as a weapon to protect yourself and enough light to read any maps that you find.

I've never played this game, again its another that I watched streams of because it's too scary for me,  and that is Outlast, the game is set in a psychiatric hospital and a journalist gets an email about the wrongdoing there, he decides to go and investigate what's been going on and becomes trapped inside, he must find his way out whilst trying to get away from demented patients who are after him. I think what scares me most about the game is trying to get away, I would always panic in games because I was worried I couldn't get away fast enough.

The Evil Within, this game throws you right into the terrifying chaos of monster beings, you play as a detective who has become separated from his partners, in order to survive he has to use the environment and whatever he can find to his benefit, I have this game and it made me panic a lot so I had to stop playing, considering I used to love everything horror when I was younger that sure has changed now! This game messes with the game characters heads and able to hit them where it hurts most especially when it comes to bad memories. 

What are your top horror games to play this Halloween?

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