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It's an Outlaws life for me | Red Dead Redemption 2

As I make way into the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 I discover that being an outlaw in a game isn't all that bad, in fact, RDR2 has inspired me to give RDR a try again, yes I wasn't a big fan of it because of the controls and my inability to shoot from a horse but I'm willing to give it another go. I've only been playing RDR2 a short while and instantly fell in love with how much work has gone into the game, for today's post I won't be reviewing the game I actually want to talk about some of the issues I came across whilst playing the game, Arthur is a laid back kind of guy, he won't take shit from anyone but he is also a very understanding and helpful guy which some may be afraid to approach but if you're stuck in a rut he will be happy to help so long as you don't want to kill him.

What is a cowboy without his hat, why fine Sir, he is just a man right? Before playing RDR2 I never really read up much about it or what was possible within the game as I wanted to make my own mind up, but when I lost my cowboy hat I was worried, I didn't know if I would ever get that hat back again so I gave in and looked online to see if there was a solution and low and behold there was the most simple solution ever that I never picked up on. Your hat as well as outfits can all be stored on your horse so all you have to do is go back to your horse and find the hat in the satchel or you can go back to camp and equipped it there which is long and no one has time for that. I often go around picking up other peoples hats to use as my own too, I'm a cheeky chappy! Although Arthur looks just as handsome without his hat on as he does with it on, what can I say I love a rugged looking man.

One of the biggest issues I have faced in this game is crashing into things on my horse, I have done it so many times yet I've only had one instance where my horse was close to death due to me doing it and thank god for that because I love my Buttercup (yes that's what I named my horse). The other day I was playing through a mission and my horse glitched out and I was unable to get away with her so I had to leave her behind, I was gutted because as I ran away she was stood floating in the ait off the side of a hill (kind of funny in a way) but as soon as I returned to camp there she was good as new with all my guns, alongside the option of 2 shire horses, one of which I don't remember taking.

I love making the bounty hunters chase me so I can shoot them from a distance, so I purposely cause havoc to get a bounty or several on my back, it brings a little more excitement to the game as it can be slow at times which isn't a bad thing in the slightest, in fact, I like it as it helps me take in what is going on, and what with there being so much to explore you can immerse yourself for hours just riding along and finding new places on that map. Like a lot of people I have spent a lot of time stroking dogs, I don't know what it is but when I come across dogs or cats in games I get so excited, I'm basically a big kid.

Arthur's love interest is interesting because even though they aren't together he is more than willing to help her yet doesn't really want to pursue her and I like that about him it actually shows that he doesn't always do things to get something in return, she is a beautiful girl and trusts Arthur even though he is an outlaw and that shows he is a good man really. In the middle of gunfights I always end up looting bodies and wondering why I ended up dead, give me all the loot because I need medicine from the number of times I get killed in this game and my horse always ends up in the middle of a gunfight on a mission because I never bother to tie my horse up, why does she even like me? Oh, that's right we are bonded now.

We spoke about the hat now lets talk about some of the outfits on offer for our cowboy shall we, it's important to have a change of outfit for when it gets colder or hotter because your character is affected by the change in weather but some of the clothes on offer certainly help Arthur look like he means business, he has a bad boy look about him which is an obvious look seeing as he is an outlaw. One thing that confused me is when Arthur gets a cut of the earnings from jobs he does, it says to give a share to the camp but when I don't, I never seem to get told off, although I do give money to the camp just not a huge chunk out of my own income which makes me sound pretty selfish I have stuff I want to buy and bounties to pay off.  

Red Dead Redemption 2 has portrayed Arthur in a good light even if he is an outlaw, he is very compassionate and does care to help others much like Dutch who is the leader of Van der Linde gang which Arthur has been part of since he was 13 but what shocked me a little is Arthur is meant to be 30 years old in this game and he looks and sounds much older but then I realised this was the 1800's that era wasn't that forgiving when it came to people's aging process and the life expectancy was just over 50 years. The game isn't perfect and certainly not my Game of The Year, but it has so much to offer and hours of entertainment, I'm going to be playing this game for a while because I love being an outlaw!

- Elle R

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