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Clawee the Live Claw Machine App | Android Review

Arcade machines have been around for years, they're addictive and fun and something I have always found myself trying out and it usually ended up in someone winning it for me especially when it came to the grabbing machines because I'm so crap at them. Whenever I used to go Newquay I would end up in the arcade for ages wasting my money away just for a bit of fun which I'm not complaining about! Recently I have come across a strange craze which I decided to try out myself the other evening, I had come across an app called Clawee by Gigantic LTD and thought it looked good so I would give it a go.

Clawee allows people to use a grabber machine in real time, at first I thought that it wasn't genuine as the app itself doesn't look the greatest and has a fair few adverts which I cannot stand! You're able to sign up as a guest or create a profile via google or facebook, I chose to be a guest first of all just to make sure it was a proper app and that I wasn't going to end up with it posting stuff on my facebook and after a little while of watching others play and working out how everything worked I signed in via Facebook.

As soon as I did this I somehow ended up with lots more coins to use towards the claw machines and had 650 within in minutes which would allow me to play the grabber machines at least 3 times as most of the machines would cost 200 coins a try (some were 120). Before I clicked on which claw machine I wanted to use it showed me what I would win playing it, how many coins I would have to use and how long the wait would be, some of the machines you would have to wait an hour for and I'm not waiting that long even if the prize looks cool.

I was contemplating if it would really be worth 200 points to try and win a ring doughnut plushie but gave it a go, I have to wait around 6 minutes for my turn on the machine and it would let me know who was currently playing with the name and picture, you would also get to watch them either try and fail or try and succeed at winning something and it would add a bit more pressure on you as it would show how many people were watching you play, I don't know how accurate this feature was but I shocked that so many people used the app then soon realised that everyone loves a freebie!

When it finally came to my turn the instructions weren't that clear on how to control the claw and you wasn't given long to work it out, it only gave me 2 moves which were move left and move back and then the claw would drop, I would have liked to have seen better use of the buttons and for them to not rush us into grabbing something but I guess this is to help keep the waiting times down. As soon as you won a prize you were moved on, usually claw machines let you have 3 goes even if you do win so it was a little weird that this wasn't the case.

Once you win a prize you can either exchange the prize for coins or get it shipped to you, I tried many times to get my prizes changed to coins but it just kept popping up with a "become a VIP" notification instead so I clicked on the ship to me option and found out it's free to get it shipped only if I'm a VIP member which costs £1.99 so it's not actually free or I need to save up 500 coins in order to get it shipped to me. To get more coins you can buy them or wait for the daily bonus which doesn't give you many coins, today I got 25 coins from the daily bonus taking my coin total up to 275, I can choose to play 1 game or just wait until I get more daily bonus clicks which will take an awfully long time or I can invite people to the app to earn coins.

The main way to get more coins would be to buy them, I'm staying away from this option as it would get addictive and there is more chance in the coins running out and me not winning anything than there is of me actually getting the prizes. The price for the coins is pretty high considering one go on a machine can cost 200 coins, you can buy 150 for £1.99 which is a ripoff, lower your prices Claweee! Because of this buy more coins feature I do feel as if people are taking a gamble as it's a win or lose situation and people will happily pay more just for 1 chance to win something that is probably from China and takes ages to ship.

If this app had the choice to earn coins by watching videos instead of forcing people to have no choice but to buy coins once they ran out I would happily carry on playing it but unfortunately, that's not the case, the idea is great and it's cool watching others try and win but pay to win games once you've run out of coins aren't my thing, perhaps I will come across another app that does it differently! The app is available in the Apple and Android store.

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