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My Top 5 2018 Games.

This year has been amazing for game releases we have seen the likes of God of War smash expectations with the use of one word Boy, I myself only played a little of it but the visuals, music, the voice acting was outstanding and set standards in video games very high. I've spent hours upon hours losing myself in video games this year and I don't regret it one bit, it opened my eyes to the kind of games I thought I would never enjoy but got so immersed that I couldn't stop playing, they're games I can go back to time and time again and enjoy over and over again, some of these aren't going to be to everyone's taste but I have chosen the ones I found the most enjoyment out of, so let's get to it here is my top 5 games of 2018!

1. Marvel's Spider-Man

This is one of the games I didn't think I could get into, I was convinced I would be awful at it and stop playing it within the first few hours but that wasn't the case, I was actually sucked into the storyline so much that I couldn't stop playing, swinging around from building to building took me to parts of New York where I could beat up criminals and stop them hurting the good citizens of NY. The story throws you right into the action where you learn quickly what your role and purpose are in the game. This game breathes a whole new life into Spider-Man and shows you what Peter's life is like after working for the Daily Bugle, he seems a lot happier even though he and MJ have split he is on a new chapter of his life. I found the graphics gorgeous and the fighting was pretty fun, there was plenty to get through and even after giving it back I was left with loads of side missions and a DLC to complete, read my review on it here.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

I haven't finished this game yet but it's going to remain in my top 5 due to the fact that it surprised me, the reason for this is I was rubbish at the first game I hated the controls and couldn't shoot from a horse so I was very worried about how I would cope with RDR2, luckily because of the slow pace of the game it gave me time to get used to the controls and the story. There a few issues I faced playing through the game such as crashing my horse which I'm sure a lot of people are used to by now but thanks to the added element of multiplayer it gives the game more life and brings other Rootin Tootin Outlaws together. Once I finish the game properly I shall be writing down al my thoughts until then check out my post on being an Outlaw here.

3. Ni No Kuni 2

I was so excited for the release of this game, I had waited so long for it to be released and knew straight away I would be getting the game, luckily my partner surprised me with the Kings Edition of the game and it came with so many beautiful things, the music box has to be my favourite out of all of them! The game can be played without having to play the first Ni No Kuni as it's a brand new story and although Lofty and Evan are missed in the second game I fell in love with the new characters, I played the game for nearly 200 hours and the DLC for it has just been released which I shall be making more time for. Leveling up was a huge grind at times but along the way, you got to unlock new locations and complete side quests, why not check out my review on it here.

4. Detroit: Become Human

I got into Quantic Dream Games later than others and the first one I played was actually Heavy Rain thanks to an ex of mine, he knew I would love it and he wasn't wrong. From that moment on I knew this kind of genre was one of my favourites due to having different endings and actions leading to consequences. When Detroit: Become Human was available for pre-ordered I made the choice to pre-order it from the get-go, the trailers sold it to me instantly. DBH is a game that is based on androids fighting for a right to be treated like humans and it comes with many different messages, it's able to pull at your heartstrings and make you doubt the choices you make, I knew that if I wanted to help all 3 of the main characters live that there would be a lot of sacrifices, the game can be very heavy at times but it's a must play, check out the review here

5. Flipping Death

This is a very different game to anything I ever play, I was lucky enough to be given a chance to play it thanks to a friend alerting me to a post on Twitter where they wanted more people to review the game, I jumped at the chance after watching the trailer because it was Tim Burtonesque and that's right up my street. It's a puzzle game where a young girl called Penny dies and is trying to get her body back, she flips from the living and the spirit world to solve puzzles and get to her body that's been taken over by a demon. The puzzles are very thought-provoking and can be frustrating at times but once you get used to how it's done you find yourself pulled in and laughing at the fun and quirky humour within the game, I did a very positive review on here over here.

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