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Bungie Parts Ways With Activision

Destiny 2

It's no lie that Destiny has suffered throughout each new DLC and even game launch, people felt let down and ripped off which is understandable, it hasn't got any better since the release of D2 and a lot of people gave up on the whole franchise. I have played Destiny from the first beta, it took a while to even be able to get onto a server to play but as soon as the game came out I went out and got my own PS4 which included Destiny.

As someone who isn't a big online gamer and don't like interacting with others I was worried I would have no one to play with but luckily for me I made friends quickly and was invited to fireteams/clans who helped me get better gear and level up faster, the main issue with Destiny once I finished the story was that it wasn't very fulfilling, it felt like it was very repetitive at times and when playing alone it wasn't the best experience. On top of this Bungie would remove bits from the game such as DLC content so once people got around to finally playing it, it was completely different to what you had to do.

Forming a liking for certain characters is normal in games even if in the first Destiny you didn't know much about the NPC, I personally am a huge fan of Cayde-6 and the original ghost I had which many players never got the pleasure of hearing. The original voice for our ghosts was Peter Dinklage but he wasn't able to do the voice anymore so they had to replace him, this obviously wasn't Bungie's fault but it left a lot of us fans very disappointed that his voice was completely removed and replaced, Peter gave the ghost so much more character and I felt I connected with him a lot more.

I know for a fact that the biggest issue for people was the price of Destiny's DLC's, the base game was stripped back and in order to level and power up which in a way is understandable, it forces players to buy the content to get the gear they want or need which is clever in a way. Being a Destiny fan is expensive, I spent more money on the DLC'S then the actual games and to top it off D2 DLC content adds up to even more than the content for D1 so players felt like they were being taken advantage of, but the game hasn't been completely in Bungie's hands, Activision had a lot of say in what would happen and prices.

Now that they're parting ways with Activision what does that mean for Destiny? I'm not sure to be honest, but obviously, it means Activision will no longer have control over when content will be released nor how it will be released, Bungie can now give players what they wanted from the start. When Bungie was under contract with Activision they were under a 10-year contract, Bungie can take the steps to go it alone. A lot of players are hoping that this will be the end of microtransactions in Destiny, but we can only hope right now as there has been no word on whether or not these will be stopped. It's clear from Bungie's statement how much they do care for the players, their statement was as followed:

Even though Destiny has had issues in the past, I myself will always remain a dedicated player, I'm currently working my way through Foresaken and I'm loving the story, it's a shame that a lot of the original people I played with are no longer interested and I hope that in the future Bungie will help them find their love for the game again.

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