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Your Weapon of Choice.

Survival in a gameS is usually the biggest part of a storyline but what do you do when fate hands you a crap gun? You get on with it and hope to come across something better, or at least this is something I constantly found myself doing when playing Dead Island, I found myself accidentally dropping a weapon or searching for one I felt I could upgrade to be decent. When I find a weapon I like in a game I usually find it hard to part ways with it and upgrade to a different one so I try to keep hold of it forever even if that means losing a bit of space, in this post I want to talk about my weapon of choice even if it's a sword, once I'm comfortable with a weapon letting go isn't an option. Here is a small selection of weapons of my choice from some of my favourite games:

I wanted to include all of the Bioshock games in this one because each have weapons that are useful when it comes to the game, the first game I mostly focused on using a melee weapon as I didn't want to make too much noise when it came to be stealthy and that weapon was the Wrench you're able to use when you first play the game, it can't be upgraded but it can be enhanced which you can use to benefit yourself. The only downfall I found to the wrench was Big Daddies were harder to kill with them so I would switch it up with a grenade launcher or machine gun when it came to them. Bioshock 2 was my least favourite game out of the 3 but it does some have good weapons such as the Drill gun which became my favourite throughout the game, killing enemies was fun especially seeing how the drill cut through them the only downfall of this gun was that it can go through ammo fast (drill fuel) and it can take some getting used to. Bioshock Infinite is a bit more laid back when it comes to killing enemies and I didn't have to be as stealthy as the other two games, I had a number of favourite guns I used when playing this game but I would always come back to the first one I was given in the game and that was the Broadsider pistol, it became my handy backup gun that I would use when in close range or when my machine gun had failed me and run out of ammo. The fast reload time meant it had a big advantage when it came to killing enemies even if that meant it didn't do as much damage but pair this alongside the Vigor devils kiss it works perfectly well together!

I couldn't do this post without including my favourite game ever, Assassin's Creed 2! So obviously there is a great choice of weapons when it comes to AC games and the main one is always going to be the hidden blade, what better weapon to have than one you can just slide out and stealth kill people with right? The hidden blade isn't my only choice though, as much as I love swords I will happily use a hammer to bash people with as it feels much more of a sturdy weapon and I like when they fall back when I hit them with one, that's why I have chosen the Mercenario War Hammer, it's available to use in Brotherhood and Revelations too so I guess it's a favourite of mine to use in all three games. I could probably play AC2 over and over again hundreds of times and not get bored of it because I love everything about that game even down to the mechanics of fighting, being sneaky and playing as Ezio will always make me happy. 

What can I say, I still love Destiny even if I don't play it as much as I used to, I'm not the best at either of the games but I do have preferred weapons that both different for each of the games, for D1 it would have to be the SUROS ARI-41, it was released when The Taken King expansion came out and soon became one of the guns I used the most, I'm a big fan of auto rifles, I often feel like I have more control over them this is why I tend to use them more than machineguns. D2 I have chosen a sword because they seem to be very underrated when I play with others, Negative Space has some great perks and is my go-to legendary weapon when I play Destiny 2, I haven't played as much of D2 and need to get into it a bit more so my weapon of choice is obviously going to change in time. Destiny 1 & 2 get a lot of hate and I feel like a lot of the weapons within the game don't get as much love as they should, one that does is the Gjallarhorn which is why I decided to not include it in this post, it gets too hyped for my liking.

I was late to the Fallout games and the first one I played was New Vegas thanks to my little sisters, I was rubbish at it but that changed when my partner got me Fallout 4 for PS4, I was surprised that I was any good and it and immersed myself in the Wasteland for hours and hours. I used a fair amount of weapons before finding ones that worked best for me, the first one is the Alien Blaster, I think it's a lot of peoples favourites and for me, it's small and does a lot of damage which is handy but I usually left it to one side until I was desperate for easy and fast kills against harder enemies. The second is Kellogg's Pistol, you will only acquire this once you have killed him and taken it from him, It's pretty accurate and one of my main guns to use when I'm roaming around the wasteland and perfect for sneak attacks. I haven't played Fallout 4 in a while as I moved on to Fallout 76 but a lot of the elements in that game as the same as in F4 so I don't feel the need to go back and play it again just yet.

What are your weapons of choice in video games?

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