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My Thought's on the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Announcement.

The announcement of Assassins Creed Valhalla has made my month, I've been discussing wanted there to be a Viking AC for a while now and I know it sounds like a cop-out and the most obvious era for a game but I wanted to see how they would achieve it and how Vikings would also be assassins. Although the trailer doesn't give much away. Assassin's Creed first come about in 2007 and since then has sold more than 140 million games worldwide, the franchise is hugely popular all over the world and fans today will tell you that they have one particular game they love most and it always depends on the era the game is set. 

Choosing the right era for a game such as AC is one of the most important aspects of the game to help it flow properly and have somewhat accurate surroundings, my favourite has always been AC2 due to where it's set and Ezio's story, on top of this there were bits of the story they manage to tie together with history such as Leonardo De Vinci helping Ezio make and use his hidden blade, the not only made him a vital part of the story but manage to incorporate the history of who he was which throws a bit of education into the mix.

Although the era gets changed up now and then I've always wanted to experience the game as a Viking, there is something about how brutal they were and the history behind them that would work well together as an Assassin story. If you have seen the show Vikings you will know that the Vikings don't tend to back down and will stand their ground, their battles are bloody and brutal with lots of heavy weapons which I'm excited to use. For me this will be a PS5 purchase, I want to experience it in all it's glory and this could end up being one of the first games we get for the PS5, we upgraded our TV as well due to the news that PS5 can support resolutions up to 8K (we shall see) so I'm hyped to see just how cool it is going to look!

The premises for the story looks beautiful and the Viking ships stand out in all their glory, each snippet from the trailer gave us a glance into just how much detail there may be in the game and how hard the developers have worked on making this look as badass as possible. The dark atmosphere gives a moody and eery feel to the trailer which makes you think how unforgiving the Vikings can be, obviously the Vikings are fighting against the Saxon's which have a very cool and interesting history too. I have been watching The Last Kingdom and as soon as I saw the Valhalla trailer it reminded me so much of the setting and characters, which isn't a bad thing at all because it's a really good show you should all watch!

I've already seen a lot of backlash about the announcement of this game which makes no sense to me, there is a lot of talk on how this can't be an Assassin game because they're Vikings but isn't the whole point of AC to show that anyone can be an Assassin and part of the brotherhood, just take a look at Syndicate and Unity, the characters look far from Assassin's but the story worked out really well and they look nothing like how you imagine them to look like Altair and Ezio, they blend in really well-making people not see them as a suspect. Another bit of backlash that practically took over my twitter timeline was the hate towards there being a female protagonist, it's the most ridiculous thing to be mad about how could you hate on this after Kassandra from AC Odyssey was such a success?

I can't wait to have the choice of the male or female protagonist, it was an interesting move giving them the same name, they aren't two different characters though they're the same person with the same story but just male or female. The name Eivor is said to be a female name in nordic countries but it's beautiful and sounds very strong so I don't see the issue with using it for any gender. An interesting fact about this game is that Derby McDevit who also worked created Edward Kenway in AC Black Flag is also responsible for this new game and fans were asking the questions how similar will Eivor be to Edwards, but it's clear that he used the same kind of mindset when creating Eivor from what he said:

“I don’t think I’m approaching Eivor in any different way than I approached Edward. You still need a character with a clear motivation, a clear set of relationships, a clear set of wants and needs, flouted desires, and ambitions.I always do a ton of research to make sure that the problems that overwhelm them are deeply rooted in history and real life.”

To read more on that Derby McDevit has said about Ac Valhalla check out the interview with Gamespot HERE. From what McDevit has said in the interview about the story including difficulties with leadership it makes me wonder how this will turn out, what kind of events will take place, and if Eivor will be in sticky situations against enemies as well as their own clan. I'm extremely excited to play this game, the stunning visuals and work that went into the game just by seeing the trailer has blown me away but what I want to know is will you be picking up this game? Does it stand out to you?

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